Hi! I am Krubha aka Kru to friends. My all time favorite authors are Charles Dickens and the Bronte sisters. I love Christina Rossetti’s poetry. Naturally initiated into their world of words through school, these days I have started reading more of Rumi, Pablo Neruda, Emily Dickinson, Maya Angelou and love them too.

For a seriously shy introvert that I used to be, casing up my anthropophobia by a cold who-cares-stare, my school library was the only safe haven. The first book I read there was a nonfiction related to evolution and civilization. Pride and Prejudice was my weekly takeaway from the library, and I read it close to 13 times until my librarian banned it for me. I understand now how she must have felt.

P&P is the only Austen book I have loved, and Lizzy shaped my thoughts to a great extent, while Darcy set the bars too high. I am a proud Austen girl.

Like everything in my life, my reading preferences have changed too, and I have started shifting more towards nonfiction and contemporary/realistic fiction. Paranormal and fantasy are too touchy for me and I prefer to exist happily away from them.

Every present moment

transforms into past quickly,

so, relish life, smile, laugh,

live every moment that pass,

breathe happiness into you,

and into every soul you cross

fill yourself to the brim,

not less, to crave,

not more, to overflow 🙂


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